The Tobacco Industry at a Crossroads – The Decline of Cigarettes and the Rise of Alternatives

burning20cigarettesEuromonitor International’s latest global tobacco market research shows world cigarette volumes have been kept afloat only by China, as global economic uncertainty and increasing tobacco control continues to take its toll. No region experienced volume increases in 2012 apart from Asia Pacific while world cigarettes values, normally propelled by growing unit prices and consumer upgrading, also took a battering, growing by only the same amount as global illicit trade volumes.

With the industry debating the reduced risk credentials of non-combustible products such as electronic cigarettes and their classification, the industry finds itself at a crossroads, pursuing cigarette alternatives while maintaining its cash cow. But can cigarette alternatives deliver? Does the slowdown in cigarette values suggest pricing strength is over? What is happening to innovation and premiumisation?

Euromonitor International’s webinar will aim to answer these questions while setting the global tobacco market in context, reviewing overall performance by region alongside country case studies, related trends in duty-paid volume sales, smoking populations and illicit penetration. Click this link to register for the webinar. Market performance will be reviewed against legislative changes, manufacturer strategies, and trends in product innovation, with a view to what the industry can expect to 2017.  Source: Euromonitor International



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