The Protection of Personal Information Bill

Grant ThorntonThe folks at Grant Thornton have prepared a paper on this important subject, which is no less relevant to the Customs environment. The Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) is expected to be passed into law soon. It makes sweeping changes to the way all organizations are going to be allowed to deal with personal information, laying down very strict guidelines about what we can do with such data once it is received and processed.

As with all acts of law, it is imperative that the public sector leads by example and ensures that staff are trained and systems in place so that personal data of South African citizens remains secure.

In its latest issue of In the Public Eye (available on their website), Grant Thornton provides a comprehensive legal and technical framework to assist you in getting ready for POPI. Remember that failure to comply with the POPI Bill may result in significant penalties including fines and imprisonment. Source : Grant Thornton


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