From Good to Grey: South Africa’s Low Emission X-Ray System

Lodox Body Scanner Image-Case-Study-1-bright

Click on the image to view fine details on Hi-Res image (Credit-Lodox)

While not exactly the kind of equipment for a Customs Enforcement operation, I did feel suitably proud to punt a locally developed ‘non-intrusive’ imaging device given its recent international prominence.

The South African Media have been abuzz following the airing of the Grey’s Anatomy episode Idle Hands (on MNET), featuring the South African developed Lodox full-body X-ray scanner.

In the episode, the doctors and nurses of Grey+Sloane Memorial Hospital’s brand new ER are excited and amazed to have the Lodox Statscan in their trauma department. After a long wait of anxious anticipation, they are suitably impressed by the X-ray scanner’s ability to take an entire body scan in just 13 seconds, and what this will mean for how they treat trauma patients. Far from paid-for product placement, this was a story line independently researched and written by the Grey’s Anatomy producers. Our Lodox NA team made sure they had a real, working Lodox machine on the set of the new ER.

Some of the tech and application notes off the Lodox website:

Due to its unique X-ray system, scanning technology and design, it emits extremely low levels of entry and scattered radiation, making it safer for operators and staff.

For emergency trauma situations, the Xmplar-dr permits easy access to the patient to allow for monitoring and resuscitation to take place around the scanning process. The 13-second, full-body scan provides instant information with which to form a diagnostic image of the patient’s injuries.

In forensic pathology (medico-legal) applications, the Xmplar-dr provides an easy-to-use, fast method for assessing the entire subject’s body in multiple planes to assist with pathology location, particularly useful in the case of gun shot victims. The single sweep eliminates the need to move the subject to obtain all necessary views, making it more efficient and safer for staff.

Lodox is also ideally suited to imaging of bariatric and paediatric patients, and has found applications in many other areas of medical imaging.

The high quality, digital images, ease of use and reliability make the Xmplar-dr an invaluable piece of imaging equipment in any medical trauma or forensic pathology arena.




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