A touching pictograph from India

Yes, this post seems quite off the usual topic, however, I was deeply moved by an article titled “Free school under a Bridge in India” posted by fellow blogger Joe Seeber. It’s not so much a written article as Joe’s pictures express the necessary – “dedication”, “innocence” and “sincerity” – all of which tell a compelling story which requires few words. In a country like South Africa which shares a similar plight facing our youth, it’s the dedication of these two teachers which strikes a chord! The attentiveness of the youngsters in their studies and no less their pride in keeping their ‘school’ clean are clear – evidently attributes of their teachers.

One visitor to Joe’s blog observed –

I always wonder who these people are; all of a sudden someone comes, changes a little scene, and it becomes a little world with hope inside of it. Sometimes I think they may be Angels in disguise, sent by the almighty to show an example of what can be done. Look at the cost of Input; a temporary shelter, two dedicated men, thirty willing children: The value of output, immeasurable, one of the children may be a Prime Minister, one a well renowned Physician, one a Scientific genius, who is to say? All the children work harder, learn more, because they have a gift of hope and a promise of to-morrow.

And Joe preface’s his picture story as follows – “This is heart breaking, God bless these 2 guys, Rajesh Kumar Sharma and Laxmi Chandra.  They’ve been running a free school under a metro bridge in New Delhi, India for the last 3 years.  There are at least 30 children living in the nearby slums that have been  receiving free education from these 2 guys.”



  1. Touching indeed however it’s not a common practice in India. Watch the movie hindi Aarakshan and you would see the dedication of the teachers.


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