Mozambique – New customs transit regulation

FTWOnline has published a letter it received from the CEO of Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI), the interim-CEO of Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC). Seems like an important ‘heads-up’ for all logistics operators. It reads as follows –

“The hardly-negotiated Mozambique customs transit regulation is concluded and the document sent to the minister of finance for approval. Approval and official gazetting is expected for the first week of August.

“Key features are:

  • All the unknown costs are replaced by a transit fee of 500.00-mts (+\- 18 US$) for general cargo and 10 cents of mts (0.036 US$) per for bulk cargo.Art. 13.
  • It is clarified that transit cargo is duty-free and subject to a guarantee that can be isolated (for a single transaction) or global (for transactions etween 3-month and 1-year). The bond covers only the duties and taxes at risk and is capped at 35% of duties and taxes. As an example, if the value of the good is US$1 000, the bond will be equal to 35% of 22% (7% of duties and 17% of vat), totaling around US$75. The bond is calculated on the basis of the value of transactions undertaken in the preceding year. Art. 14 to 19.
  • Transhipment is free-of-bond and the acquittal takes place only in the last port in the national territory. Art.23.
  • Acquittal period for areas where the single window is not yet in place is of 5 business days.”

One Comment

  1. For traders this is the best system ever, you don’t have to queue for your documents to be stamped but to produce your freight manifest and you don’t have to leave your truck. you get CN1 and CN2(Customs Notification) then you can proceed to the other Port and that’s Customs Modernization.


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