Saving the Rhino – a real story

Besides media reports and the many ramblings of law enforcement and environmental officials in the cause of protecting our fauna and flora, I received the following free e-book titled “Poached!” from a colleague. It details a story told by a veterinarian of a white rhino, callously mutilated by poachers and left alive with his horns and part of his face hacked off with pangas, and the good doctor’s quest to save the victim. Graphic pictures and an embedded video bring home to all the complete brutality of mankind. The book is published by Nikela – Helping People ~ Saving Wildlife and recommends widespread reading and distribution.

One Comment

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this eBook with your readers. It already has touched so many people and and made them aware of the pain and suffering experienced by human and animal alike when poaching reigns.

    Thank you also for including all the links so others can access the original posting.


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