Pakistan and China Customs to accelerate establishment EDI

Sost_Pakistan_Customs_and_Chinese_TrucksPakistan Customs’ experts are in China to make further progress on the establishment of direct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with the trusted and neighbouring country to reduce the incidences of revenue losses.

The sources told Customs Today that Chief Customs Automation Abdul Qadir, Director Majid Yousfani, Riaz Chaudhary and Azeem from PRAL flew to China on August 9 to hold series of meetings with the Chinese counterparts to make further progress on the EDI.

The sources said, that the EDI will help access trade documents on real time basis from computers of cross-border customs stations. The directorate had exchanged the technical documents with China for EDI, the sources said, adding that the Chinese Customs had given feedback and counter proposal on the technical documents.

In order to expedite finalisation of the EDI arrangement, earlier a meeting with the Chinese Customs for exchange of data relating to the certificate of origin between the two countries was held on February 2 to 4, 2015 in Beijing. And, this is the second meeting of Pakistan Customs officers with the Chinese Customs, sources added.

It is recalled here, that Federal Board of Revenue had issued an alert regarding mis-declaration in imports from China under 50 HS Codes. The Board also showed concerns on the un-warranted concessions granted under various SROs covering preferential or free trade agreements.

The Board had advised verification of suspected Certificates of Origin directly through the commercial missions of Pakistan abroad, discouraging mis-classification of goods to obtain concessions and extending benefits only to goods which strictly matched the description provided in respective SROs.

It may be mentioned, that the export data of China customs for CY 2013 was cross matched with the import data of Pakistan Customs for same period and it transpired that in respect of 376 tariff lines the import value declared before Pakistan Customs was short by $2.437 billion recorded by China Customs as export value to Pakistan.

Moreover, in respect of 13 tariff lines the import value declared before Pakistan Customs was in excess of $829 million that that recorded by China Customs as export value to Pakistan. This is indicative of possible mis-classification of those goods which attract higher rates of duty but are cleared as goods attracting lower rates. Source: CustomsToday

Peshawar Customs pays tribute to retired and deceased officials

Customs logoI was surprised to come across this article, especially since I always believed Pakistan to be a militant country – certainly not one that would consider the memories of past customs officials.

Rich tribute was paid to retired and deceased customs Officials of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region recently during an award ceremony for retired officers and heirs of dead customs officials, held in Customs House Peshawar.

A large number of retired and relatives of dead customs officials attended the ceremony and received awards for their performance and services.

Speaking on the occasion, Custom Collector Peshawar Muhammad Aamir said that the function was organised on the instruction of Prime Minister Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, to pay tribute to retired custom officials who played crucial role to generate the revenue and serve the country. Muhammad Aamir informed that the collectorate has also hired the family members of those officials who died in the line of duty.

Retired Customs officials thanked the collector who gave a wonderful farewell to them for the first time and said that the department gave us respect and honor; however, they appealed the serving officials to do their best to generate the revenue for government exchequer.

Custom Collector Peshawar Muhammad Aamer distributed awards among retired superintendents, inspectors, hawaldars, constables and family members of dead customs officials who retired during last two years.

Collectorate of Customs Peshawar was officially established in July 1974 from the Collectorate of Land Customs and Central Excise Lahore. History of Customs in this part of Pakistan is as old as trade itself. Its jurisdiction extends over traditional trade routes with Afghanistan. Prior to establishment of Lahore Collectorate. Traditionally, Peshawar Customs have to contend with tough conditions in the field of enforcement. Proximity with Afghanistan having a long porous border on which only a couple of Customs stations are established, makes checking of smuggling more difficult. Enforcement of Customs controls is made further difficult due to fragile security situation on the border, roughness and ruggedness of the tribesmen, harshness of the terrain, occasional and insufficient power supply and absence of regular criminal law.

Source: Customs Today & Pakistan Customs