WCO – Study Report on E-Commerce

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 13.18.00The recent WCO publication of a Study Report on E-Commerce is based on a short survey answered by the Organization’s Members. The Report compiles Customs administrations’ practices as well as their ongoing and/or future initiatives related to the processing of cross-border low-value e-commerce.

Current practices, issues and challenges as well as initiatives and potential solutions are presented in each of the survey sections: Facilitation; Risk Management; Data Exchange/Cooperation with E-Commerce Operators; Control and Enforcement; Revenue Collection. Case studies are also widely used throughout the document to illustrate specific practices.

The survey was undertaken as part of the WCO Work Plan on Cross-Border E-Commerce aimed at addressing cross-cutting issues in relation to e-commerce and coming up with practical solutions for the facilitated clearance of low-value shipments, including appropriate duty/tax collection mechanisms and control procedures.

An overview of the WCO’s work so far, including tools, reports and interim recommendations issued by the WCO Working Group on E-Commerce (WGEC), as well as work to be completed in the future, is available here. Source: WCO

Role of the Chief Supply Chain Officer – an interesting podcast

Globalization of the Supply Chain: Here’s one for the warehousing, logistics, and distribution folks. Aberdeen Group’s survey of 191 companies explores how new investments in internal and external collaborations across the global supply chain are now the highest priority for the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO’s). This podcast looks closely at these initiatives as well as:

  • Specific trends and highlights of the research.
  • Strategies and best practices utilized by CSCO’s.
  • Increased globalization/complexity balanced by the need to drive down supply chain costs.

 Click the HEREto visit Aberdeen Group’s website and download the podcast now.