South Africa – President signs Border Management Authority Bill into Law

President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed the Border Management Authority Bill of 2020 into law.

The new legislation is in force from today, 21 July 2020.

The legislation addresses a need identified by government and diverse stakeholders in the economy for an integrated and well coordinated border management service that will ensure secure travel and legitimate trade in accordance with the Constitution and international and domestic law. 

The new Border Management Authority will, as an objective of the Act, replace the current challenge of different agencies and organs of government all playing different roles in managing aspects of border control.

The integrated Authority will contribute to the socio-economic development of the Republic and ensure effective and efficient border law enforcement functions at ports of entry and borders.

The new law provides for the establishment, organisation, regulation, functions and control of the Border Management Authority, the appointment of its Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners and officials.

The law also provides for their terms of office, conditions of service and functions and powers.

Furthermore, the law provides for the establishment of an Inter-Ministerial Consultative Committee, Border Technical Committee and advisory committees, for the review or appeal of decisions of officers, and the definition of certain things offences and the levying of penalties.

The legislation therefore contributes to the security of the country and the integrity and ease of trade and the general movement of persons and goods in and out of the country.

Source: The Presidency, Pretoria, 21 July 2020



  1. What does that mean for SARS??

    Kind regards

    Indresan Reddy
    Ops Specialist: DIT – Business Relations
    South African Revenue Service
    Tel +27 12 422 6221 Cell +27 83 555 4527 Fax +27 86 613 0719

    Walker Creek Building, 1st Floor Zone 1,90 Florence Ribeiro Street,Nieuw Muckleuneck,Pretoria,0181

    [SARS logo for emailer.jpg]


    1. Harry, as I understand it, there will be no ‘physical’ movement if SARS staff to the BMA. The BMA Act requires that the BMA enters into implementation protocols with SARS, SAPS and the SANDF regarding the implementation of their respective mandates in the border environment.


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