SA Customs Procedure Guideline and Chart – 2019

SARS Customs clearance has operated under a Customs Procedure Code (CPC) regime for almost 10 years now. To commemorate the 10-year anniversary, the accompanying CPC Chart and External User Guideline is intended for expert users and newcomers to Customs clearance, alike. In particular, it is important for cross-border traders to understand that the CPC combinations cannot be used indiscriminately; but, have specific meanings and associations with various other Customs rules for the electronic processing of goods for import, transit and export. Attempts to ‘fudge’ a CPC for any particular purpose or reason, may lead to a negative result downstream. Accuracy in the use and application of CPCs results in improved trade compliance, more accurate trade statistical data and fewer declaration amendments hence less penalties and lost time. Over the last decade, it is certain that most international freight forwarders and tertiary Customs training institutes and universities have introduced some or other CPC methodology into their curricula. Feel free to use this guide in support of such curricula. I do however, request that in so doing, the attached material – made freely available to you – will be delivered ‘intact’ in the form as compiled and presented here.

The files can be dowloaded below –

External CPC Tutorial & Self-Assessment Guide 2019

CPC Chart October 2019



  1. Mike, I get this error message when trying to download; Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

    With regards,

    Brian Kalshoven

    Consultant Manager,

    Sediba Clearing and

    Beitbridge Border Clearing Agency


    Functioning land lines;

    015 530 0038

    015 530 0158

    015 530 0088

    Take note:

    Please make sure that every transporter carrying bonded cargo is registered as a REMOVER with SARS. Penalties of R25 000 is being imposed per truck for all non-registered carriers. VISIT http://WWW.SARS.GOV.ZA

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