WCO News – June 2016

WCO News June 2016 (1)The WCO has published the 80th edition of WCO News, the Organization’s flagship magazine aimed at the global Customs community.

This edition features a special dossier on illicit trade which gathers together articles focusing on the trafficking in various commodities such as cultural goods, small arms, fisheries products and pesticides, as well as articles highlighting the tools and technologies that can contribute to enhancing Customs enforcement capabilities.

Readers will also benefit from articles on how pollen analysis (palynology) has become an essential Customs forensic and intelligence tool in the United States, the challenges in accurately quantifying the illicit trade in tobacco, and why publishing time release study results is advantageous. Source: WCO



  1. Dear Mike

    Thanks for the continued updates..and keeping us posted on WCO events.

    Best regards,

    Mrs. Jacqueline Umuna Tjiseseta
    Deputy Director: Statistics, Tariff and Risk Management
    Ministry of Finance: Customs & Excise
    Private Bag 13185
    Fiscus Building, John Meinert Street 10
    Windhoek, Namibia
    Tel: +264 61 2092735
    Fax: +264 61 239278
    E-mail: jacky.tjiseseta@gov.mof.na


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