Truck Explosion at Kasumbalesa Border Post

There are unconfirmed reports of five drivers burnt to death at the Kasumbalesa border post in Zambia. According to a report from FESARTA the incident occurred at around 17:00 Zambian time on Monday, 24 November. To watch the Truck inferno which killed two Zimbabweans (Video) – click here!

Two Zimbabwean truckers are believed to be among the four dead at Kasumbalesa Border Post, linking Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Unconfirmed reports allege a petrol tanker was leaking and the petrol spread to an area where drivers were cooking. In the ensuring fire and explosion unconfirmed reports allege a 100 trucks were affected.

The area does not have a dedicated fire department and unconfirmed reports claim the fire lasted until the early hours of Tuesday, 25 November.

It is unknown how many drivers were injured in this explosion.Source & pictures: Glen Tancott, TransportWorldAfrica

Update! FESARTA update on fire in Kasumbalesa DCDG (Transport World Africa)

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