A container, lost from a vessel in the Bay of Biscay, containing thousands of cigarettes has washed up on the pebble beach of Seaton in Devon. The battered container which spilled its contents over a wide area appeared early this morning (23/02/14) has now been cordoned off by Police. See SWNS story SWFAGS; Police have been forced to patrol a beach to warn off treasure hunters after a huge shipping container washed up – filled with a MILLION cigarettes. The 40 foot long box – which contains a tempting 14 tonnes of fags – is just one of 517 washed off a cargo ship during storms in the Bay of Biscay earlier this month. It is thought the Danish container which is bobbing in shallow water at Seaton, Devon, could be the first of many to wash up on the Lyme Bay coast in the coming days. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is arranging recovery of the Maersk container which landed in the early hours of yesterday (Sunday) but have been delayed by the high tide. Police officers who have cordoned off the beach have issued a stern warning to anyone hoping to pick up a free packet of soggy cigarette

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