WCO expert provides Customs Valuation training assistance

WCO expert Ian Cremer (centre, back row) with SARS staff involved in valuation training project.

WCO expert Ian Cremer (centre, back row) with SARS staff involved in valuation training project.

The SARS Academy is reviewing and packaging its training material so as to align its curriculum to international standards. It has embarked on a process of benchmarking its training material, kick-starting the process in the School of Customs and Excise.

WCO facilitator Ian Cremer recently visited the Academy at Waterkloof House in Pretoria to provide assistance with the strengthening of their valuation training programme. A group of trainers, curriculum developers and valuation specialists from business worked with the WCO valuation expert in the development of the new training material.

Training modules will be developed at the following levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, and will be aligned to the WCO’s own valuation training modules.

Further work will now be conducted on developing a delivery strategy. This will ensure that key staff are trained to the necessary level and are able to conduct their duties in a professional level, meeting the dual requirements of fair and efficient revenue collection and the facilitation of compliant trade. Source: SARS


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  1. Halow, I have a keen interest to joint Customs Dog handlers and I am a hard worker. I am a South African Police Service member,and currently attached under department of National Security as a collector of Top Secrete Informant(classified information) ( Crime Intelligence). I have twenty three years working experience as a policeman.


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