Container Cleaning Business for Sale

IBC_Robotics-600x0Within a decade the number of containers being shipped throughout the world is expected to double from 30 to 60 million containers. To facilitate this level of trade there will be many challenges ahead for our industry. One challenge that is often overlooked is keeping every single container clean after and before transit.

However, Swedish start-up IBC Robotics believes it has the technology to meet this challenge through its new IBA system. This breakthrough product is an environment friendly and automated cleaning solution for ship containers and a far cry from today’s manual, time consuming and often dangerous cleaning methods.

IBC was founded in 2010, based on an invention by Kerstin Eriksson, founder and still majority shareholder of the company. IBC Robotics has in a close collaboration with a.o. the Robot Valley in Västerås, Sweden, and academic technology institutions in Stockholm and Örebro, developed and technically verified the IBA system. IBC Robotics has already been granted patent rights for the IBA system in key countries like USA, China, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark and Sweden.

This is where the IBA system comes in offering an automated and environment friendly cleaning solution to all involved in the handling of ship containers i.e.. The key benefits of IBA are the high grade of automation; the environment and health friendliness; the high capacity and high quality cleaning and last but not least the cost effectiveness!

When exposed to the IBA system the response from the target audience (shipping companies, ports, port service providers, goods importers and exporters) has been overwhelming and thus confirmed the significant market interest for the system. Though not available for sale the pre-launch activities have generated an impressive number of industry contacts, prospects and sales leads.

Final technical adaptation and verification of the system at customer locations are now being finalised. The IBA system is ready for market launch.

To ensure a successful market entry the present owners now have decided to sell the IBA system business to a company in the field willing to put relevant competence and resources behind a full market launch of IBA. For an investor/industrial company in the actual field the IBA system represents a business opportunity with significant international revenue potential.

For further information please contact Kent R Olsson –

Source: Port Technology International

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