When a Beer is definitely not a Beer!

beerThe Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has been blamed for disobeying the decree issued by Kinondoni District Court, which prohibits import and distribution of Windhoek Premium Lager Beer in the country, which does not bear code number MB66.

It is alleged further that the TRA, in total disobedience of the decree in question issued on October 15, 2010, has been allowing and collecting tax from dishonest businessmen and companies who import the beer brand that does not bear the said code number.

A consultant with Mabibo Beer Wine and Spirit Limited told the ‘Sunday News’ that his company was shocked after learning that a certain TRA officer said the Authority does not recognize the decree that was issued by the Kinondoni District Court.

A TRA officer recently informed the police authorities who are investigating Mabibo’s complaints against Land Mark Hotel for disobeying a lawful court order that TRA does not recognise the decree that prohibits any person from importing or selling Windhoek Premium Lager.

According to the court order – failure or refusal by the defendant, its owners, agents, directors, servants and other unknown persons who are directly or indirectly related to the defendant or any other persons, to comply with the prohibition orders shall amount to contempt of the orders of the court.

TRA has been accused of allowing Land Mark Hotel to import Windhoek Premium Lager Beer in violation of the court decree and was only concerned with the collection of taxes and that the Authority was not bound to respect the order of the court. Following the court order, Windhoek Premium Lager Beer which does not bear code Number MB66 became restricted and prohibited goods, save where specific written consent of Mabibo has been sought and obtained. Source: Tanzania Daily News.



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