WCO Photo Competion 2013

Thailand Customs Administration WCO Photo Competition 2013The WCO’s annual photographic competition has been running successfully since 2009. Each year the entries, in general, represent an increase in both photographic and situational awareness. It is clear that entrants are continually seeking to portray a unique, if not ultimate shot of the work of their customs and border management staff in action. This years collection is based on the theme “Customs officers in action”. At least 36 member countries submitted their ‘best’ pictures and the adjudicators awarded first prize to the Thai Customs Administration for its picture illustrating ‘the challenge the Customs community faces to keep up with a fast-moving trade environment’. It depicts two Customs officers inspecting goods in a cargo warehouse, find themselves in the middle of fast paced logistics activities. To view all the excellent entries please visit the WCO Website or click here!


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