Cargo Crime – Security and Theft Prevention

A must read for Supply Chain practitioners. Cargo crime—including theft, fraud, and the passage of contraband through commercial shipping lanes—poses an enormous threat to security and the economy.

By understanding the current methods and operations of those who attack the supply chain, industry professionals can design effective security plans and law enforcement can properly investigate these crimes.

Cargo Crime: Security and Theft Prevention is drawn from the author’s (John J. Coughlin) personal experiences as a law enforcement detective and supervisor and as a regional security manager for a large multi-modal transportation and logistics company.

The book reviews emerging trends, identifies criminal tactics, discusses law enforcement response to cargo theft, and presents best practices to help businesses avoid victimization by cargo thieves. Topics include:

  • The various modes of freight transportation and the differences in cargo crime activity in each mode.
  • Methods of operation used by organized crime syndicates and narcotic smugglers.
  • The effective use of public and private information-sharing partnerships to thwart criminal activities.
  • Known profiles consistent in over 90 percent of contraband shipments.

The book features the following key aspects:

  • Identifies current methods of operation being used by organized and opportunistic criminals who target the supply chain.
  • Discusses current law enforcement efforts and response to cargo theft.
  • Examines the various modes of freight transportation and the differences in cargo crime activity in each mode.
  • Outlines best practices for industry practitioners to prevent being victimized by cargo thieves.
  • Addresses industry and law enforcement public/private partnerships for sharing information, educating law enforcement, and circumventing the cargo theft issue.

Cargo crime is a critical concern of freight transportation operators, manufacturers, shippers, insurers, law enforcement, and consumers. This book arms professionals charged with protecting the supply chain with essential information that can help them investigate and uncover criminal activity and develop a first class cargo security program. Available for purchase from

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