WCO lauds NZ Customs for its capacity building assistance

The Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO) commended New Zealand’s strong reputation for border management. During a recent visit by the WCO’s Secretary General, the NZ Customs Comptroller said that New Zealand takes its WCO responsibilities very seriously and works closely with the WCO to develop global standards for trade.This helps to ensure a stable trade environment for New Zealand businesses to operate in around the world.

The Secretary General, Kunio Mikuriya noted that the WCO is impressed with the capacity building assistance NZ Customs has given its Pacific neighbours, and enjoyed discussing New Zealand’s valuable contribution to the WCO, with Customs and the Minister of Customs, the Hon Maurice Williamson. The Pacific is an important region for New Zealand and NZ Customs has recently worked with the Cook Islands to introduce new technology and systems to improve border security to help facilitate legitimate trade and travel.

“New Zealand has been an influential member of the WCO, and has world leading expertise, particularly with its involvement in the development of a standardised data model for trade,” said Mr Mikuriya. In recent years NZ Customs has included the development of a standardised customs data model that will be used in the Joint Border Management System (JBMS). This data model is unique as it incorporates biosecurity and food related information, and means for the first time, one data message can contain all information that border agencies require. This will streamline border processes for clients who will use the Trade Single Window when it is introduced next year. Source: NZ Customs.

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