Nigeria Customs acquires sophisticated Smith-Heimanns fixed scanner

January 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

HCVS Fixed X-Ray scanning tunnelSecurity solutions specialist Smiths Detection has received a multi-million Euro order from Nigeria for its dual view, high energy X-ray container scanner, which includes a state-of-the-art material discrimination system. The order was placed by Global Scan systems Ltd and forms part of the Destination Inspection Programme (DIP) established by the Nigerian Ministry of Finance for the Customs Authorities of Nigeria. The stationary scanner, which will be the most advanced system of its kind in West Africa, will be deployed at the customs and border checkpoint between Nigeria and Benin.

The HCVS (Heimann Cargo Vision System) with material discrimination features X-ray images that distinguish between organic and inorganic substances. The associated colour coding greatly helps in the detection of threat objects such as weapons, explosives and drugs.

The HCVS is the most powerful tool in Smiths Detection’s cargo inspection product portfolio. It is permanently installed on a dedicated site, providing a swift and non-intrusive inspection procedure for every part of fully loaded trucks and containers

Technical features of the scanner
• Stationary X-ray system for the inspection of fully loaded trucks and containers
• State-of-the-art technology for outstanding image quality
• Ideal for maritime ports, border crossings and airports dealing with heavy traffic
• Easy and fast processing with low staffing requirements
• viZual technology for real organic/inorganic material discrimination
• Top of the line system for manifest verification
• Detection capacity reaching 100%
Optional Features
• Automatic Radioactive Material Detection (ARD)
• Discrimination high energy
• Single of dual view technology
• Single or dual tunnel version
• Available in 6MeV & 9MeV (Mega electron volt)

Source: Smiths Detection


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