Insight behind the WCO Data Model

WCODMV3 Technical BrochureGovernments around the world have realized that rapid economic growth cannot be achieved in an environment where international trade processes are inefficient and cumbersome. Over the past two decades, serious attention has been devoted to the modernization of international trade and cross-border regulatory procedures. Countries have committed substantial resources to national projects in the areas of customs automation and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) infrastructure.

Electronic ‘Single Window’ services delivery is now being demanded in several countries. Based on the principle of joined-up government services, the ‘Single Window’ environment has the potential to deliver transformational advantages to business by simplifying and unifying touch-points between members of the trade and the different government departments involved in cross-border regulatory procedures. In addition, new demands on supply chain security and facilitation have emerged, leading to the establishment of the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards.

This booklet provides a brief introduction to WCO Data Model Version 3.0. It explains the scope of the Model, its relationship with other international instruments such as the Revised Kyoto Convention, and its alignment with widely used international standards. The booklet is aimed at project leaders and Information Technology architects from Customs administrations and other cross-border regulatory agencies. The World Customs Organization hopes that this booklet will create a proper understanding of the value of the WCO Data Model as an indispensable instrument in projects that address modernization of regulatory agencies including Customs. Source: WCO.

Please visit: for pricing and conditions of online WCO Data Model usage and support. Available for Customs administrations and Trade Practitioners.

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  1. Hi Again-
    I was wondering i fyou had any further information regarding the U.S. Single Window system (ACE/ITDS). Most of the information that I find is from 2005, 2007, and some technical updates in 2010, but nothing about its full implementation. Compared to other countries with highly-interactive and easy-to-use Single Window portals (i.e. Colombia, Mexico), it seems like the U.S. is lagging. Do you have any information about this and what may be the holdups? Do you know who I might contact, if not your from your own expertise, for more information on the U.S. Single Window? I appreciate your help and any guidance you might give me on this subject.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Blair, my apologies. A quick recce amongst my resources reveals much the same – nothing beyond 2007. To be quite honest, I’ve never really come accross any details CBP document, beyond a fact Sheet that is. Good Luck.



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