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November 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

The WCO developed the Revenue Package in response to Members’ concerns in regard to falling revenue returns in the light of the global financial crisis and declining duty rates.

Revenue PackageCollection of revenue has historically been the cornerstone of a Customs administration’s responsibilities. For a number of years, Customs has been actively involved in protection of society and trade facilitation initiatives. More recently, the role of Customs has expanded; issues such as the fight against counterfeiting, counter-terrorism activities and the protection of the environment have featured high on the agenda of international Customs work programmes. Alongside these important topics, revenue collection continues to be an area of concern for Customs administrations. The global financial crisis has led to a downturn in international trade which has inevitably hit government revenues. Additionally, the global trend in the reduction of Customs duty rates, through unilateral, regional, and multilateral trade liberalizations, can potentially have the same effect.

The Revenue Package currently consists of all available tools and instruments relevant to revenue collection. This includes, inter alia, formal instruments and Conventions, guidance notes and training material. Members are encouraged to consult the Package to ensure that necessary requirements have been met and that all relevant material has been obtained by the administration and is being utilized as appropriate.

The Revenue Package is divided into six topics :

  • Topic 1. Facilitation and Procedures
  • Topic 2. Customs Valuation
  • Topic 3. Harmonized System/Nomenclature
  • Topic 4. Origin
  • Topic 5. Compliance and Enforcement
  • Topic 6. Capacity Building and Training

Under each topic, the prime text is referenced, where appropriate. For example, for Topic 1 (Facilitation and Procedures), the Revised Kyoto Convention is the prime text. This is followed by a list of supporting instruments and tools for that topic, providing information on content and availability. Web links are included to provide convenient access to the relevant material, which is either freely available to download or available for purchase from the WCO’s Online Bookshop. Source: WCO.


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