SARS “Trusted Trader” programme under the spotlight

With the implementation of the SARS Customs Modernization Program, accreditation has been revisited and SARS has taken a more robust approach.

South Africa is currently focusing on accreditation for customs procedures only. The Self-assessment Questionnaire was reworked and sent to a number of large importers, inviting them to participate in the “Preferred Trader Pilot Program.” Now more customs accreditation initiatives are underway.

In terms of a future focus on mutual recognition, bilateral discussion between EU and South Africa has commenced. The parties recently agreed to launch a customs project, financed under the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) facility, covering the implementation of the WCO SAFE Framework in South Africa. South Africa intends to align its Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) strategy with that of the EU to ensure that standards for both compliance and security match those of the EU.

The EU is South Africa’s main trading partner. The TDCA is the legal basis for relations between the EU and South Africa and provides the framework for cooperation in the social, economic, political and cultural field. Please click here for the full report – refer to  pages 32 -33 for South African AEO article. Source: Ernst & Young

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