TPT’s Pre-advice for Export Containers

September 28, 2011 — 1 Comment

Durban Container TerminalIt has been enquired by some whether or not Transnet‘s Pre-Advice for Export Container’s initiative is aligned with SARS Customs Modernisation. First of all its important to delineate the process and requirement. Transnet Port Terminal’s Pre-Advice is an electronic exchange (COPARN) between the carrier and TPT. As such it is an arrangement which satisfies the Terminal’s advance reporting requirements of impending export container delivery to a container terminal. In time it will feed Customs’ gate-in reporting requirements.

From a Customs perspective, this initiative is an important development which fills another piece of the supply chain puzzle. As such it is not in contradiction to anything planned for by SARS – rather its somewhat ahead of Customs at this point in time. It is just not possible to synchronise inter-departmental and inter-company project developments. Each has its own financial/procurement cycles and operational deliverables, and in certain cases legal prescription. At the same time it is true that supply chain operators bear the brunt of untimely and non-coordinated initiatives. Nonetheless, they are important while at the same time vital for the country’s future economic growth and stability.


One response to TPT’s Pre-advice for Export Containers


    Hi Mike, nice post.. The interaction between Customs and Port should be one of the most important links in any country but i can see clearly that this is not yet a priority in SA (also many other countries) and a classic example of this is a Customs Stopped container that was NOT advised by Customs to the Port or to the line (that it was stopped) and the line and the port released the container.. In due course the line is being held responsible by Customs for releasing the container to the customer.. Wierd..

    Hariesh Manaadiar

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