US Customs agreement on border security upgrades

September 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

American terminology never ceases to amaze me – I wonder if they call their stakeholders “clients”?

US Customs and Border Protection has announced a penalty Mitigation Decision under which Union Pacific (UP) has agreed to spend US$50 million to enhance the Mexico and United States rail supply chain CBP said the “Mitigation Decision” defines the steps that UP will take to invest US$50 million in security enhancements at critical junctures of the Mexico and US supply chain, and partnering with CBP to form a Rail Fusion Center to identify high-risk shipments.

US Penalty Mitigation DecisionCBP further said the decision provides that CBP will mitigate penalties assessed against UP if the railroad fulfils its obligations under the agreement. In recent years these penalties have become significant, as illegal controlled substances were discovered on trains originating in Mexico and arriving at US-Mexican border crossings. CBP Commissioner Alan D Bersin said: “It’s in the best interest of all that appropriate steps are taken to secure the US border against the smuggling of contraband. UP Chairman Jim Young said the agreement expands a relationship with CBP in which UP has already invested in technology, infrastructure, training and workforce resources to secure rail transportation across the border. Source: World Cargo News Online.


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