Is what’s good for China, good for everyone else?

August 19, 2011 — Leave a comment

Given current developments in the international supply chain, the following article would seem to advocate measures that would certainly pave the way for information exchange in the Customs environment. Somehow, I think this is a pipe dream –

The United States and the European Union have proposed to the WTO a set of principles that would remove barriers to cross-border data flows. Under principles, for instance, WTO member states would not prevent foreign service providers or their customers from “electronically transferring information internally or across borders, accessing publicly available information stored in other countries.” Governments would have to refrain from requiring information and communications technology (ICT) service providers to establish a local presence or use a local infrastructure. And, they would have to allow “full foreign participation” in their ICT sectors. The principles are apparently aimed at curbing Chinese censorship and protectionist measures. But they would also seem consistent with, among other things, the EU’s own restrictions on the transfer of personal data outside of the EU, occasional US decisions to restrict or impose conditions on foreign ownership of communications companies, and the FBI’s periodic proposals require communications providers to establish a point-of-presence in the United States in order to ease the Bureau’s access to communications. Source:


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