WCO – 2012 is the year of Connectivity

WCO 60 Years AnniversarySecretary General of the WCO, Kunio Mikuriya, is pleased to announce that 2012 will be dedicated to promoting connectivity, including enhanced cooperation and communication, under the slogan “Borders divide, Customs connects”.

“Connectivity encompasses people-to-people, institutional, and information linkages that underpin and facilitate the achievement of Customs’ main goals,” said the Secretary General. “This theme is particularly relevant as the WCO prepares to commemorate its 60th anniversary in 2012,” he added.

The Year of Connectivity will be launched on International Customs Day, celebrated annually by the global Customs community on 26 January in honour of the inaugural session of the Customs Co-operation Council (CCC) which took place on 26 January 1953.

In 1994, the CCC adopted the informal working name “World Customs Organization” to better reflect its worldwide growth in membership which now totals 177 Customs administrations.

Customs and its stakeholders are urged to be innovative and creative in taking forward the connectivity theme in all its facets throughout 2012. The WCO invites the Customs community to diarise 26 January. Source WCO.

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